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Ready. Set. Stretch!

We got the first samples of our women’s material in yesterday and we took them straight to The Hive in North Vancouver to try them out! We were lucky enough to find a killer climber (and a great sport) to try them out for us and we couldn’t be more excited. Take a look at how much stretch is happening…

We went with the highest stretch retainment in the industry and we are stoked to report that even after an intense climb our denim maintained the original fit. To really put them to the test, we had our co-founder Brad try them on. Keep in mind that these are women’s size 24/0 and he still managed to get into them just fine. Couples who wear Boulder Denim together stay together, right?

Now that we’ve settled on the right materials we are working with different fits, wash options  and the actual design. Make sure to keep up with us as we get closer to our Kickstarter with our finished product, just enter your email below!

& if you are in the North Vancouver area make sure to check out The Hive. They are brand new to the area and provide an awesome climbing experience.

Until next time….

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