We're just getting started! Big things are happening in 2017.

It's been a while since our last blog post and we've got some exciting updates for you. 

We were blown away with the continued orders this winter and after shipping the jeans to our backers, we sold out of our popular sizes within a few weeks! Word of mouth spread like wildfire. Here are just a few of the comments and emails we've received:

"After wrapping up my recent trip to Hueco, I have to say that I absolutely love your jeans. When I pledged to your kickstarter, I was a little skeptical because more often than not the very first run of a product can have it's flaws. However, after testing your jeans outside for multiple days and on multiple types of rock, I was hooked!" -Michael R. via Email
"OMG! These are the best jean I have ever worn, well done." -Christoph M. via Email
"Honestly I am in LOVE with these jeans this is the first time I've actually LOVED a pair of jeans. They are everything and more then I was expecting. You have done an amazing job and even more so being so thorough and easy going to work with."  -Greg B. via Email
"Loving the Women's Skinny Fit! I dig the high waist, and especially love the giant pocket! It fits my entire phone, you just don't get that with women's jeans! I have long legs too, and they fit perfectly for length. Definitely getting another pair!" -Liz B. via Facebook
"My jeans just arrived and I am absolutley blown away by them! 11/10! Im tempted to get a second pair now." Harmen D via Facebook
"Most comfortable jeans EVER. Can't wait to see more styles!" - Jason C. via Facebook

To continue with Jason C's review, we're excited to announce that we're currently developing some new styles and colours for both men and women that will be ready later this year. We're also making minor tweaks to our current line that will be ready between February and March. 

What's even more exciting is our North American tour. We recently purchased a vintage 1975 Airstream that we're currently converting into a mobile showroom and office.

A Sprinter camper van will be towing it as we travel across the continent climbing with our customers at crags and gyms nationwide! We'll be hitting up nearly every major climbing event and gym and will also be meeting with retail buyers so anyone can start trying on and purchasing our jeans in stores. Our new styles will be featured on the road. We will be documenting and taking photos of our Airstream build-out process every step of the way. The tour commences March 1st as we leave Vancouver, BC and start down the west coast with our first stop at the Red Rock Rendezvous. Here's the start of our Airstream build-out journey:

We started with making a Airstream fort with boxes to plan the layout. Can you see the inner-child coming out in Taz?

We started with building a life-size Airstream fort out of boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Can you see the inner-child coming out?


Then we got everything on paper. This took many, many renditions to get it right.

Then we got everything on paper. This took many, many renditions to get it right. 


This is the inside of the Airstream before gutting it.

This is the inside of the Airstream before gutting it. It's a little too cheesy for our liking.


So we started gutting it.

So we started gutting it.


The next 6 weeks will be spent completely renovating the Airstream. The last photo you see with actually be a climbing cave where you can test out the stretch. 

You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @BoulderDenim and you can find us on Facebook any clicking here


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