21 "vanlife" hacks we've learned after living on the road for one year

Written By Bradley Spence - June 19 2018


December 28 2018


Rock’n’roll… but how long does it take you to accept comments :)?! That is kind of counter intuitive if you want to spark engagement…

December 28 2018

Ey Bradley,

cooler article and the chemex is already ordered :) !! Best take away for me of this article. I am already living the vanlife or camper life as a lifestyle entrepreneur for 4 years (including some smaller breaks with these stationary vans other people call flats :D) and this article is on point!

My best tips and tricks for europe are:
1) Use the app park4night (great places to stay.. both for free and payed all over europe).
2) Pee bottles (especially the one you want to use after waking up) should have a volume > 1 Liter :)! Otherwise it might be painfull to interchange bottles during the “process” :D.
3) In europe you can have a unlimited mobile internet for europe, US, canada with Deutsche Telekom. It’s 200€ a month but you’ll get 3 sim cards and you can use all at the same time. So find two more partners in crime and everyone gets an unlimited mobile data plan (truely unlimited and super super fast, they give you priority in their network over all other plans because it is the most expensive one and it’s called premium :D).
4) Put the data plan sim card in a mobile router (netgear for instance) because it truely makes you vanlife amazing if you have a regular wifi @ home :).
5) Only have your favourite things in your camper. Favorite throuthers (hopefully for me the boulder denim 2.0), favourite shirts, favourite boulder shoes, favourite surfboard and so on… get rid of everything (EVERYTHING) that is not used on a regular basis. Make it a habit to go through all the shelfes and get rid of clutter!!
6) always park in dead end roads if your are running out of options in towns or cities… it makes a good night of sleep.
7) Be friendly, polite but also super confident about your way of living when talking to older people, dog walkers, fisher men and so on… normally they find it cool when you explain them how you life and they change their mind about calling the police because of the strange guy in “their” parking lot.

I could go on but tha’ts it for the moment :) !

By the way… I have problems about finding out about the perfect size for my indiegogo survery… where can I get help about fitting?


December 28 2018

(Magnetic Edged) PetScreen for the Windows… Durable, Removable, Useful for Washing Clothes, or Straining, or Fishing, or … well, you can add to the list as you see fit…

December 28 2018

I’ve gotta know more about #11, the wireless internet option. I emailed the link and haven’t heard anything in a few days.

December 28 2018

Excellent Tips…
My Van will be Cramped, with MountainBikes, RoadBikes, Kayaks, BackPacks & HikingBoots, OneWheel+XR, Hangglider, WingSuit, Parachute, and a few other toys…
See Ya OUT There…!!!

December 28 2018

Just a heads up, you have your info on DC and AC mixed up. 12 volt power is DC direct current. An inverter converts DC to AC, alternating current (what you get out of a plug in your house.) No need to publish just wanted to let you know so you can edit your post before all the Van DIY folks jump down your throat.

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