Last Chance For Direct-to-Consumer Pricing and Tour Update

Hey guys,

It's been a while since we last updated you so here's the latest:

Direct to Consumer Pricing: Since we launched back in November 2015 we've had a direct-to-consumer pricing model. We were able to offer you lower pricing since we didn't have any distributors and weren't in retailers yet. With our big tour coming up and tons of stores requesting wholesale pricing, our retail pricing will be changing from $129 USD to $148 USD (or $174 CAD to $198 CAD). The good news is you have until April 1st, 2017 to snag a pair or two at the discounted direct-to-consumer pricing. Click here and grab a pair now!

Second Batch of Jeans: Our initial batch of jeans was a huge hit and we were shocked with how quickly we sold out of them. We have a second batch that will be ready later this month. If you've been waiting or already ordered a back-ordered pair, yours will be shipping first. We really appreciate all your patience while we go through our small business growing pains. The new batch of jeans will feature these enhancements:

  • Stretchier waistband
  • Vinyl hidden zipper pocket instead of the current metal one
  • Larger leg openings for the women's jeans
  • Both pockets are now large enough to fit today's largest smart phones for the women's jeans.
  • Slightly stretchier fabric due to a new Nanosphere treatment method
  • Correct sizing for all fits to fit true-to-size

    Please note: If your jeans showed back-ordered when you placed your order you will receive the newest style as described above. 

New Women's Athletic Fit Coming: Due to popular demand, we're currently designing an athletic cut for our women's line. This will feature more room in the glutes and thighs for women with muscular legs or who prefer a looser fit. We don't have a date for when these will be ready yet so stay tuned.

Airstream Pop-Up Shop Tour Update: As many of you know, we are embarking on a large tour across North America to spread the word of our comfortable jeans. We'll be visiting some of the top climbing gyms, crags, and outdoor events across the continent. We've spent the last few months building out the Airstream into a mobile shop and office. Here are some photos of our progress:

Poloshing work on the outside.

Taz and Brad's polishing work of the exterior. Working towards that mirror-like shine.


The inside of the airstream getting the insulation replaced with fresh stuff.

The inside of the airstream getting the insulation replaced with fresh stuff. Some of the aluminium has been added and the electrical is being worked on.


Electrical Work

Our electrical work. A/C and heater unit will go here with LED lighting.


AC/Heater Unit with Lighting Finished

We now have A/C, heat, and light. Let there be light! Notice the old ship port window as our skylight. 


Woody's Pre-Metal Work

Woody, a metal-work genius is prepping the curved aluminium for the inside of the Airstream.


Curved aluminium and bench work nearly complete

The curved aluminium and denim bench nearly complete. It's starting to come together!


Flooring and Cupboards

A look at our cupboards which still need to be stained and our beautiful flooring.


White walls

Our white walls.


Our frosted lantern

Our frosted lantern which still glows when the light is off.


A close-up of our polishing. It's almost there!

A close-up of our polishing. It's almost there!


That's it so far. Remember to follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. We post regular updates of our live progress. Also stay tuned for when we announce our official tour dates and stops. 

Instagram & Snapchat: @BoulderDenim


  • Hi Eric, I would wait until we have them in stock. We’ll have them as a separate product once they’re at our fulfilment centre in a few weeks.

    Bradley Spence
  • So if I order a pair of the men’s athletic cut size 36 jeans today ( which are currently not listed as backordered), will I get the older version or the new version with the “vinyl hidden zipper pocket instead of the current metal one?” I would prefer the vinyl one as the old zipper scratched my cell phone. That was my main issue with the jeans but I still love them.


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