The Tour

We're on the road for the next 18 months. Brad and Taz are touring across North America in the Boulder Denim Airstream showroom. They'll be attending climbing events like International Climbers' Fest and Craggin' Classic. You can also look for them at your local climbing gym as they will be demoing their jeans at climbing gyms across the continent. 

The Next 30 Days:

Salt Lake City, UT: June 18th - June 30th

Grand Junction, CO: July 1st

Colorado Springs, CO: July 2nd - July 4th

Denver, CO area: July 5th - July 10th

Lander, WY for International Climbers' Festival: July 12th - 16th



We want to hear from you! What gyms do you want us to demo at? Take the Boulder Denim team to your favourite crag! What stores should carry our jeans? Let's chat below: