Spencer Seabrooke

Spencer Seabrooke Castleton Tower

Spencer Seabrooke | Vancouver, BC

What he's known for:


I'm a slackliner known for my big freesolos and my drive to push the sport. I held the world record for the longest freesolo on a highline. It was 64 m long and 291m high.

His story:


After starting to climb and explore the mountains in 2010 with some friends I fell in love. To push myself and be rewarded by reaching a summit or just the top of a pitch is all I wanted to do. In 2012 that changed after watching "sketchy Andy" at the Reel Rock film tour. The film was about Andy Lewis and slacklife! Slacklining was all I could think about. The summit was no longer the destination but where the project begins. I began putting up highlines all around BC and started Slacklife BC with a friend to share our adventures with the world. Since then I have been pushing my limits and the limits of the sport and will be doing so for a long time!

Words he lives by:


"Get involved!"

What inspires him:


I am inspired by any person pushing their limits and getting outside their comfort zone. So many people inspire me today. I watched these two before I ever stepped on a line and they always raised the stoke!

Video: Andy Lewis & Dean Potter

Find him online:

Instagram: @SpencerSeabrooke

Facebook: SlackLifeBC

Youtube: SlackLifeBC