Kiefer Burrows

Kiefer Burrows | Kamloops, BC

What he's known for:

I am a competitive rock climber from Kamloops BC

His story:

My name is Kiefer Burrows, I am 27 year old rock climber from Kamloops BC. I began climbing at the age of 13 and never want to stop! Everything about climbing speaks to me, the work ethic, the devotion, the nature as well as the community. Since I started climbing I have wanted to travel all over and climb. Explore new places and meet new people and climb anything I can. I will always be looking for improvement and to push the boundaries of the sport.

Words he lives by: 

Do what makes you happy!

What inspires him:

Friends and family are my main inspiration, but every time I climb I find another person to inspire me more!

Find him online:

Instagram: @kieferburrows

Facebook: Kiefer L. Burrows