Justin Salas

Boulder Denim Athlete Justin Salas

Justin Salas | Tulsa, OK

What he's known for: 

I'm a climber, and photographer. I'm also almost fully blind. Known as a blind ascensionist.

His story:

My name is Justin Salas I grew up with a fairly normal childhood except for one day when I was 14 everything changed. I was diagnosed with an "optic neuropathy of unknown origin" which is basically just a fancy description for going blind. The diagnosis put me in a state of extreme disbelief and eventually spiraled me into losing my passion for everything that I once loved. 

About a year and a half into searching for a new path in my blind life, I was invited to the climbing gym. I still remember his exact invitation "You don't have to see to climb; you only have to feel."

After meeting countless friends and traveling the country, I have truly rediscovered meaning and passion in life. Everyday is a new adventure for me and being a climber has taught me to look at the world with an open mind.

My name is Justin Salas and I am not a blind climber; I am a climber who just happens to be blind.

Words he lives by: 

"If you're playing a video game, you don't just play level one, you play level one to get to level two. In my life I like to get to level two every single day." - Harry Main

"Walk by faith, not by sight."

What inspires him:

Those who've helped me get to where I am today, including my family, and friends. People who do their best despite their circumstances. Also extremely motivated people, who strive to be the best at what they do.

And not bein' a busta.

Find him online:

Instagram - @justinsalas93

Twitter - @artofentropy