Our Jeans

It started as an obsession to find a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning and wear cycling, hiking or climbing, and still look stylish for a meeting or night out. This was the foundation for Boulder Denim. Knowing that there are many pants with many features we decided to design a pant that included the most useful of those features, making them the most functional and stylish jeans on the market.
Our sizing guarantee to YOU:
In the year we spent developing Boulder Denim we realized a few important things about fit and sizing.
For women, we discovered that we could completely simplify the fitting process when we finally settled on the blend that makes up our patented ultra-stretch denim. After testing our woman’s cut on women that are both slim and curvy, we were able to design a single cut that fits virtually all body types.
Because men don’t typically wear skin tight clothing it was important to design a cut that sits naturally on a man’s lower body, while not being overly tight. This discovery lead to the creation of our two fits, SLIM and ATHLETIC.
We are so confident with our sizing that if your jeans don’t fit, all you do is send them back to us and we will send you another pair on us.
*Customers outside of North America will be charged an additional $20 for international shipping.
To determine your fit, there are two key measurements.
First, measure the smallest part of your waist at your natural waistline. Second, measure your thigh 2 inches below your crotch Then cross reference, your waist and thigh measurement with the sizing chart to determine your fit. Men looking for a skinny fit can size down. The denim will stretch to your body.
You only need to measure the smallest part of your waist at your natural waistline. Our jeans are so incredibly stretchy to ensure an absolutely skin tight fit we recommend sizing down.
Made with the climber in mind and created to truly combine fashion and adventure for a slimmer fit you can wear anytime.
  • Medium rise that sits just above the hip, slim through the thigh, knee and calf with a slight taper
  • Offers a perfectly tailored fit that works for men with slim to medium legs.
  • Fits well for slim or medium builds as the taper increases proportionally with waist size.
BEST FOR: Men with slim to medium legs that want a tailored look.
For the gym rat, crossfitter or bodybuilder. This fit is muscular-glute approved and designed for men that spend a lot time in the gym.
  • Medium rise that sits just above the hip, more room through the thigh, knee and calf with a slight taper.
  • Offers more thigh and calf room for men with muscular legs.
BEST FOR: Men with big legs that have trouble finding pants that can accommodate their thighs. These are for the crossfitter, bodybuilder or football player that never skips leg day. They also look great on men with thicker legs or larger builds that are looking for a roomier fit.
The Boulder Denim brand was inspired by necessity and created by adventurists. We know what it’s like having to balance our thirst for thrill and everyday responsibilities. Which is why created our denim to cater to whatever it is your day has in store for you. Aside from selling comfortable pants, we wanted to be the true advocates for adventure and we’ll do this by giving back to you, our amazing community. 
#1 | Every year a portion of our earnings will go towards our “What’s your adventure?” campaign. You tell us what your idea of an epic getaway would be and the person with the best trip will be decided upon by the Boulder Denim community. The prize being the trip you dreamt and 2016’s trip that will be accompanied by world record highliner, Spencer Seabrooke and the boulder denim team. 
#2 | The “Everyday Athlete Sponsorship Program” (EASP). We realized that like ourselves, we all lead busy lives, yet we still find time to train hard. Our skill is built on our dedication. We want to give back to these athletes in recognition of their hard work and inspiration they bring to others. This means support and of course free Boulder Denim gear.


A huge thank you to these companies for allowing us to shoot in their establishments. 

A thank you to Rich Emmerson @ travelshootshare.com  and Tanner Dunn @ thefrvr.com for their incredible photography work. And final thank-you's to David Green for his music/sound work in the video and Kasey Lum for his incredible videography work. 

Risks and challenges

1. We already have people testing out our pre-production samples around the globe. We're ready to hit "go" on production immediately after we receive our funds from Kickstarter. This is usually two weeks after our campaign ends successfully.

2. Our stain repellent and hydrophobic technology can be done a number of ways. Choosing the type of technology will depend on how many pairs of jeans we sell. Some methods are quicker than others and it could potentially delay the estimated delivery time by up to 30 days.

3. Other delays and unforeseen obstacles may occur along the way but this is highly unlikely as we're equipped to produce a very large quantity of jeans.