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The Everyday Athlete Sponsorship Program is currently full. You are welcome to apply and we will keep your application on file. Please check back after November 15th, 2017.

Boulder Denim sponsored athletes and ambassadors are athletes just like you. They are climbers, highliners, Crossfitters, yogis and more. They are athletes from many different disciplines that train hard and put in work. We make sure that they are acknowledged for their hard work and do what we can to support their passion. 

How to better your chances of getting sponsored or becoming an ambassador

This is in response to the hundreds of inquiries we get on a monthly basis. We believe that it’s important to keep a tight circle. We want the athletes we support to be psyched about what we do. We have a limited amount of sponsorships and ambassador positions available and we want to make sure we give these spots to the athletes that deserve them. So what does that look like?

Follow & Like

Step one is probably the easiest, but is often overlooked. We run all our own social media and see every like, comment, message, follow and share. We want to see that you support our brand and understand how we conduct our business before you reach out to us.

Back our Project

We are not saying this in an effort to drive sales, we say this to see who is willing to invest our brand. We want our athletes to be the people who would actually wear our products and love our brand. What better way to tell us that you want to represent Boulder than to say, “I bought your jeans and love them!”

Tag @Boulderdenim

Now that you follow/like Boulder Denim and you’ve backed the project, use this to your advantage. Tweet us or tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Show us what you’re passionate about. This goes a long way from a brand standpoint.

Tell us: Why you?

When you reach out to us, tell us why we should pick you. What have you invested in yourself and your sport? What are you bringing to the table? Do you have good relationships with the people in your gym? Have you worked to build your following? This is your opportunity to tell us why you are the perfect athlete for the Boulder Denim team.

Sponsored Athlete and Ambassador Expectations

What we expect when you earn a spot on the Boulder Denim team.

1. Put in the work

When we decide to make you a Boulder Denim ambassador that means one of two things. We believe you are genuine athlete and person and you will represent what we are about as a brand and community online and in person. The second is that we see you as a potential sponsored athlete and we want to see how you grow as an athlete and how you promote our brand.

2. Promote us

When we choose sponsored athletes and ambassadors, we are not focused on how many followers you have (although this helps) what’s more important is how you engage in your community. We look to see if you compete, if you post photos and videos of you training, climbing or having fun. We want to see how you promote us with brand specific tags, (#boulderdenim, @boulderdenim #whatsyouradventure). As long as there are no conflicts with other sponsors we ask that you add “Boulder Denim Ambassador” or “Boulder Denim Athlete” to your Instagram/Twitter bios.

3. Repost

This is fairly important. We don’t do it often, but when we post a new product or have a giveaway we ask that you repost on your social media. This helps us reach more people and will also help you earn more from your unique discount code.

4. The Golden Rule

As cliché as it sounds, we believe you should treat others as you want to be treated. As a sponsored athlete or ambassador, the way you conduct yourself is direct reflection of who we are as a brand. Conversely, we recognize that the same goes for how we act. We want our athletes and brand to embody what dedication and sportsmanship looks like.

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