Meet Brad & Taz | The Climbers with Style

Who are we?
We are part-time adventurists living for that next bit of adrenaline whether it be climbing a mountain or jumping off of one. We are constantly searching for excitement and the gratification  one gains from “risking it all”. If there was a way to spend our days under the sun while venturing to the next boulder, we would. Unfortunately, like so many others we have many other passions, hobbies and... responsibilities. And it’s because we know we aren’t alone the we want to dedicate part of our company to help sponsor these passions for other people just like us, but more on that later.

What do we do?
We make activewear and gear. Rooted in climbing, most of our products will cater to those constantly reaching new heights that you can use and wear on or off of the mountain. On and off the playing field. Before, during and after your adventure. Boring people can stop reading now (we have nothing for you).

Why do we do it?
We created Boulder Denim because we love climbing but we constantly found ourselves going from a climbing session to our other commitments without time in between. At our core, we are minimalists and that’s where Boulder Denim got it’s start. But more importantly we want to be an advocate for adventure by sponsoring your passions. We combined style and adventure to create a company that will allow us to travel the world while uniting the adventure company through our products.

Why are we different?
We want to be the true advocate for adventure. We want to support athletes that work hard and dedicate any spare time they have to the adventure sport they love. We plan on doing this through our “Everyday Athlete Sponsorship Program” or EASP. Meet our current team and see if you’ve got what it takes to join them by clicking here.