Boulder Denim 2.0 Women's Straight Fit Jeans in Cobalt
Boulder Denim 2.0 Women's Straight Fit Jeans in Cobalt

Boulder Denim 2.0 Women's Straight Fit Jeans Cobalt

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Our women's high-rise straight fit flatters most body types. Our unique contoured waistband sits lower in the front and higher in the back eliminating gapping and preventing the front from digging in when seated.

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What makes our jeans the most advanced stretch denim ever:

✔ Perfect Fit technology (fits 95% of body types)
✔ Proprietary 360° EDS technology (extreme diagonal stretch) 
✔ Memory-Shape Denim
✔ No-Gap Waistband
✔ Trap Pocket (hidden zipper pocket)
✔ Stain/Water Resistant
✔ Vegan-Approved
✔ More durable
✔ Reinforced stitching
✔ Pre-Shrunk
✔ Ethically-made

See Our Sizing Guide

Size Tip: Our 2.0 women's straight fit jeans fit true-to-size. Choose the size that you normally are. In between sizes? It won't hurt to size down because our denim is that stretchy. 

How to Take Body Measurements:
To figure out how jeans should fit, start by determining your size. Jeans sizes are based on your waist measurement in inches. A soft tape measure, like tailors use, is most accurate. If you don't have one, use string that doesn't stretch, then measure that with a tape measure.

Measure the waist where the body bends. It helps to bend side to side to identify exactly where to measure. Keep the tape comfortably loose and parallel to the floor while you measure the full circumference of your torso. Make sure to measure your body, not over your clothes.

We only do one inseam, they're designed to be hemmed or rolled up if they're too long.